Book Review: OPHEA Early Learning Resource and Activity Cards

By:  Katie Macko

Title:   OPHEA Early Learning Resource and Activity Cards


ISBN:   978-1-926555-58-4

Publisher:   OPHEA

Purchased at:

I purchased this resource as a way to help me with my early education program for full day kindergarten.   It could also be helpful for other occasional teachers as full day kindergarten is still being integrated and there are lots of changes to the kindergarten programming.  This resource contains all the necessary elements to thoroughly teach health and phys. ed. at the kindergarten level.


The OPHEA document for Health and Physical Education, OPHEA Early Learning Program is an excellent resource.  It helps teachers to teach all the necessary skills in kindergarten to get students ready for Health and Physical Education in the primary grades.  Some units of study include: travelling; throwing and catching; kicking; cooperative games and healthy eating.

The resource itself is a booklet of sturdy activity cards.  Each card introduces the curriculum expectations, lesson learning goals, the facility needed, equipment to be used, safety, and assessment opportunities, as well as how to successfully complete the activities.  The best part about this resource is the notes included after the activity instructions that help the EL-K team to make sure the activity goes smoothly.  For example, in the “Welcome to Physical Education Class” card there are instructions for freeze signals that can be used, as well as how to avoid collisions and introducing different running positions.

Another great aspect of this resource is that it includes connection questions to expand and enhance play.  Some questions include:  how to show respect when participating, things that helps us enjoy physical activity, and thinking about safety.  All of these topics / questions can be used to help students think about the importance of staying safe and having fun!