Applications are Now Being Accepted to the LTO List

The DDSB is now accepting applications from all eligible DOTL members for the DDSB LTO List.  To be eligible to apply, you must have:

  1. Been on the Board’s roster of occasional teachers for at least 10 school months from the closing date of the posting; (note: the posting closes June 30th, therefore, your hire date must be on, or prior to, September 1, 2015.)
  2. Taught at least twenty (20) days within the five (5) years immediately preceding the day your application is submitted

You must apply directly to posting Job # 1394041 on-line via . Applications not submitted via the posting on Apply to Education will not be considered. Note:  If your name is already on the DDSB LTO List – DO NOT apply to this posting!

When applying, be sure to include the following:

  1. Your OCT number in your profile
  2. Resumé – MUST include a list of any LTO or extended assignments you completed including dates, grades/subjects, and locations
  3. Appraisals and References:  Include the names of Principals, who can be contacted and can comment on your performance in the classroom. 

Appraisals/references are to be submitted as follows:

If you have 3 LTO appraisals completed, no additional references are required;
  • If you have 2 LTO appraisals, provide the name of 1 additional Principal we can contact;
  • If you have 1 LTO appraisal, provide the names of 2 additional Principals we can contact;
  • If you have not completed any LTO appraisals, provide the names of 3 Principals we can contact.  
The Posting Closes Friday, June 30th, 2016 at 4:00 pm.
Yours in Federation,

George Taylor, President