AQ, ABQ Funding Changes

Your ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local is pleased to inform you of important changes to the AQ /ABQ funding:

For the past 2 years, your ETFO Local has provided funding for occasional Teachers who are upgrading their qualifications. This year we have made significant changes to how the funding works. These changes are intended to streamline the application process and make funds more readily available.

The Criteria highlights (full criteria below)

  1. Funding is now available every school year, with the year being from September 1 to August
  1. The eligible amount has increased – members may now receive up to $250.00.
  1. Members no longer have to pre-­‐apply; rather once the course has been successfully completed, an application can be submitted along with supporting

Please read over the criteria to make sure you qualify and understand the restrictions and requirements.

We trust these changes will make it easier for our members to apply and receive funding. If you have any questions, please send an email to


Your Professional Learning Committee


Professional Learning Funding (PLF) Criteria for Application

The ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local is pleased to provide funding to members for Professional Learning events. The intent of the fund is to provide monetary support to members in their pursuit of Professional Learning. The fund is overseen by the Professional Learning Committee and all questions and applications should be forwarded to the PL Committee. The budget for the Fund will be reviewed annually and funding is available as long as the budget contains sufficient money to pay successful applicants.

Below are the details of what is required, what constitutes an eligible course and the process for applying.

  1. Applications for Professional Learning Funding must be received by the Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local within, and no later than, two months of the end date of the AQ or ABQ course for which you registered.
  1. To be eligible for Professional Learning Funding support from the ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local you must currently be an occasional teacher with the Durham District School Board (DDSB), be a member of the ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local for a minimum of one year, and have worked at the elementary level for a minimum of twenty (20) days annually.
  1. Officers and members of the ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local Executive are eligible to receive Professional Learning Funding support as long as they are not part of the selection process.
  1. You are eligible for funding once in each school year. For the purposes of this funding the school year is considered to run from September 01 to August 31.
  1. AQ and ABQ courses are courses that will upgrade your teaching qualifications at the elementary level and are delivered by ETFO, or an accredited educational institute.
  1. All applications are subject to approval by the Professional Learning Committee of the ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local.
  1. The ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local will annually budget an amount for this fund; when this budget line is exhausted applications will no longer be accepted for that fiscal year.
  1. AQ and ABQ courses will be funded to a maximum of $250.00 per course.
  1. Funds will be allocated in the order of receipt of applications.
  1. All forms (i.e. application; proof of completion; receipt) may be submitted to the Professional Learning Committee in hard copy or online. Forms should be sent to the Local by Canada Post, by Durham District School Board courier service be delivered in person to: 107 – 1077

Boundary Road, Oshawa, ON L1J 8P8 or emailed to to the attention of the Professional Learning Committee

  1. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  1. For the purposes of this funding, proof of completion will be the OCT certificate generated by the successful completion of the course.
  1. The application process requires the following:
  • Application form
  • OCT certificate
  • copy of receipt
  1. Cheques will be sent by Canada Post to applicants. Enclosed with the cheque will be the Local’s receipt of cheque form.