Attend: Behaviour Management Systems (2-Part Session) (BMS)

The DDSB and your ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local are pleased to provide this training for our members.

PLEASE NOTE:   there are two separate training sessions and each session has two parts (dates). You can register for either training session but not both!  Please use the notice for May 9 & 16 or the notice for May 23 & 30 to register.  Both notices have been sent out at the same time to offer the same opportunity for members to register for the training session of their choice.

Each part of the training is also three hours (total of 6 hours) in order to fulfill certification requirement You are required to attend for the full 6 hours.

Behaviour Management Systems (BMS) is a course developed to ensure a respectful learning environment at school.  It provides training and support systems for enhancing desirable behaviour and for understanding, preventing and coping with undesirable behaviour.  It emphasizes prevention of inappropriate and disruptive behaviour through awareness of factors affecting behaviour, recognition of early warning signs, and the use of calming / de-escalation techniques, but also teaches personal safety techniques for the rare occasions when they are required.