Attend: Digital Storytelling – An Animated Approach to Learning

The ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local ispleased to provide the following Professional 
Learning Opportunity: Digital Storytelling: An Animated Approach to Learning


Presenter:  Joel Campbell,
Visual Artist, Motion Designer and  DOTL Member
This 2-part workshop will explore the significance and use of digital storytelling as a cross-curricular, expressive medium in the modern classroom.  We will investigate different tools and techniques used to tell and present digital stories using various current softward applications and technology.  There will be a focus on mediums such as stop-motion animation and simple video editing techniques and how they can be utilized for project based learning activities in the classroom.
Hardware/Softward requirements                                                                                                                             – Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop.                                               
– Apple:  imovie

– PC:  Movie maker
(These programs are native to both the operating systems or can be downloaded)
Date:  session 1:  Thursday, October 2016,              session 2:  Thursday, October 2016