Attend: Exploring Math in Full Day Kindergarten

Exploring Mathematics in 
Full Day Kindergarten


 Tracy Pickard and Cheryl Emrich from Waterloo DSB and the ETFO Presenters on the Road program
This presentation will provide educators with the opportunity to look at play-based learning with a special focus on mathematics.  Participants will explore provocations in a hands-on way, develop ideas that spark children’s creativity and challenge themselves as educators to understand their role in play.  We will look at how educators can use language and prompting questions to extend play and engage critical thinking.  A special focus on mathematics concepts and how children can explore them daily in their routines, interactions and play will be highlighted.  We will also discuss and reflect on math in a variety of contexts (e.g. indoors/outdoors; small group/whole group; at learning centres).
Date:       Thursday, September 22nd, 2016