Behaviour Management Systems (BMS) Training

Behaviour Management Systems (BMS) Training is a course developed to ensure a respectful learning environment at school.  It provides training and support systems for enhancing desirable behaviour and for understanding, preventing and coping with undesirable behaviour.

It emphasizes prevention of inapporpriate and disruptive behaviour through awareness of factors affecting behaviour, recognition of early warning signs, and the use of calming / de-escalation techniques, but also teaches safe physical intervention methods for the rare instances when they are required.

Partiipants must attend both sessions for certification

Please wear comfortable unrestrictive clothing and running shoes.

DATE:  Tuesday February 19 and Tuesday February 26, 2019

TIMES:  Each session runs from 5:00 – 8:00 pm with refreshments from 4:30 pm.  

LOCATION:  DDSB Room 2027 / 28


COSTS:  Shared with DDSB and your DOTL

BEFORE REGISTERING:  Please ensure that you are able to attend BOTHsessions and are aware that each session is 3 hours long.

Check your calendars for appointments, obligations (yours / family members), other workshops and courses BEFORE registering.  The DOTL Late cancellation / No Shows policy will be applied.

After receiving confirmation of registration please enter the dates and times into your calendar; please notify First VP Karen Walker of any dietary restrictions at:

@etfo_dotl #PLEvents