BMS Re-certification: One day workshop on Apr 10

The DDSB and your Durham OT Local are pleased to bring you this professional learning opportunity:

BMS Re-certification: One day workshop on Apr 10 

Behaviour Management Systems (BMS) is a course developed to ensure a respectful learning environment at school.  The initial certification provided training and support systems for enhancing desirable behaviour and for understanding, preventing, and coping with undesirable behaviour. 

The training emphasized prevention of inappropriate and disruptive behaviour through awareness of factors affecting behaviour, recognition of early warning signs, and the use of calming / de-escalation techniques, but also taught safe physical intervention.

The course on Tuesday, April 10th is a re-certification event for OTs who are already certified!  Please wear comfortable clothing and running shoes.

NOTE:  THIS RE-CERTIFICATION IS ALSO BEING OFFERED ON TUESDAY APRIL 17TH.  To register you will need to access the April 17th notice which will come out next week.  Please do not ask for advance registration – you must wait for the registration notice to come out.  Thank You!

DATE:  Tuesday, April 10, 2018