Book Review: Daily 5

By:  MarilenaKoitsopoulos

Title:   Daily 5

Author:Gail Boushey& Joan Moser

ISBN:   978-1-57110-974-3


Purchased at:   Chapters

I have been in many classrooms that implement the “Daily 5” and I wanted to understand the program and theories behind it further.  This is a strategy I may consider implementing in the future when / if I get my own classroom.


The Daily 5 book is based on a program that helps teachers implement a balanced literacy program in their classroom.  Based on literacy learning, motivation research, and classroom experience, The Daily 5 consists of 5 literacy tasks (reading to self, reading with someone, writing, word work, and listening to reading) which students complete on a daily basis while the teacher meets with small groups or conferences with individual students.

This book not only explains the philosophy behind the structure, but shows you how to carefully and systematically train your students to participate in each of the five components.  This book is chock FULL of wonderful visuals to help explain the program.

Explicit modeling practice, reflecting and refining take place during the launching phase, preparing the foundation for a year of meaningful content instruction tailored to meet the needs of each child.

The Daily 5 book is more than just another Teacher book, or a management system or a curriculum framework; it is a structure that will help students develop the habits that can lead to a lifetime of independent literacy.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is teaching language to elementary students.