Campaign Rules

Appendix 1 to the DOTL Constitution  Article 10.4.1  
1.    Members are notified of the request for nominations no later than 31 calendar days prior to the election.
2.    Nomination forms are available in the secure side of the Local’s website.
3.    Nominations will be accepted by the Elections Committee no later than 20 days prior to the Election date.
4.    Candidates shall automatically receive a receipt acknowledgement of their nomination.
5.    The Elections Committee, upon receipt of a nomination form, shall contact the candidate and review the requirements.
6.    Candidates are to electronically submit their nomination forms and may include a picture (which may be taken at the videotaping session) along with a picture, a 150 word biography and a 150 word position paper.
7.    Pictures, biographies and position papers will be posted on the secure side of the Local’s website alphabetically per position and will also appear on the ballot.
8.    All candidates will have the opportunity to have their speech videotaped for each position for which they may be running. These videos will be posted in the secure side of the Local’s website and on the ballot. 
9.   The Elections Committee shall meet to review the candidates’ nomination forms and campaign materials for determining compliance of the voting regulations and to determine whether an election is needed.
10.  The Elections Committee will contact candidates to determine whether they will participate in the drop down procedure and which positions they may stand for if unsuccessful on a previous ballot.
11.  The successful candidate will have received fifty percent (50%) plus one of the ballots cast.
12. Ties: There will be a run-off election the next day. This will bump the subsequent voting by a day.
13.  In the case of more than two nominees for any offices, and failing a majority for any candidates on the first ballot, the count of the vote will be announced and the name of the candidate with the least number of votes shall be dropped from the second and succeeding ballots until one of the candidates has a majority.
14.  Scrutineers: Candidates may appoint a scrutineer. At the end of each election day, scrutineers for the candidates of that vote may come to the Local’s office between 9 – 9:30 pm to view the receipts and the tally of votes cast. Candidates must inform the Elections Committee if they wish their scrutineer to view the results.
15.  Voting Dates for 2018: May 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, and 24. Run off votes may require additional days. Voting will be completed prior to the AGM date.
16.  Successful candidates will be presented as the new Executive at the AGM.
17.  The ballot results and tally will be deleted by motion at the AGM and electronically deleted by Union Strategies the day following the AGM.