Candidates for ETFO AGM Delegates

The Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local Election Committee is pleased to announce the following candidates for AGM Delegates:

Candidates (in alphabetical order)

Johanne Blake
Dale Campsall
Natasha Carter
Michele Crawford
John Fowler
Etelka Haagaard
Janet Heath
Laurie Josevski
Sharon Ramberan Singh
Karen Walker

All delegates are asked to provide the Elections Committee with a brief biography and comment regarding why they wish to attend the 2016 AGM. This should be no longer than one half (1/2) page and submitted to the Elections Committee by May 6, 2016. Please use 12 point and a choice of Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman font.

Delegates may not post campaign materials in schools, may not campaign in schools, and may not access Local members through use of member lists however obtained. Campaigning on the day of the election is not permitted.

The vote for delegates to the AGM will take place after the voting for executive members has been completed. Delegate candidates will not address the membership. The biography/comment you provide will be sent out to all members of the Local and will be available at the AGM.

The vote will be a plurality vote. This means there will be one vote held and voters may vote for up to eight (8) of the delegates.   The top five (5) candidates will be the delegates and the other three (3) will be the alternates.

Should you have any questions about the process please send those to the Elections Committee.

Connie Zoet,
Chair, Elections Committee