Candidate for Member-at-Large

Pavthra Vigneswaran

Pavthra Vigneswaran

Candidate for Member-at-Large 2024- 2026 Executive

Candidate's Bio

Pavthra Vigneswaran is a qualified primary/junior teacher who graduated from Brock University’s Concurrent Education program. She is a Tamil-Canadian born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Before joining Durham District School Board as an occasional teacher, Pavthra was a Kindergarten teacher at the District School Board of Niagara. She was previously employed by the City of St. Catharines and the Boys and Girls Club. Pavthra has completed several Additional Qualification courses such as Special Education, Teaching English Language Learners, Equitable Inclusive Schools, and more. Currently, she is pursuing a part-time Master’s program at OISE in Education, Policy, and Leadership, showcasing her commitment to life-long professional learning. Pavthra’s involvement at the AGM and in various ETFO conferences, such as “And Still We Rise” and “Anti-Oppressive Framework,” has sparked a need to actively participate in advocating for the rights and well-being of educators in her local union.

Candidate's Platform


Hello to my fellow ETFO colleagues! My name is Pavthra Vigneswaran and this is my second year as an occasional teacher with Durham. I am running to be a Member-at-Large candidate for Durham Occasional Teacher Local’s (DOTL) 2024-2026 Executive Term. Last summer, I was a participant of ETFO’s First Steps program which allowed me to observe the process of negotiating hundreds of motions that were put in place for our membership at the Annual Meeting. My experience was eye-opening and sparked an interest to become an actively engaged member with DOTL, thus I am grateful to announce that I will be participating at the Annual Meeting again in August 2024. 

As a Member-at-Large, I will ensure to represent the membership by attending all board meetings. My attendance will give my members and I an understanding of the board’s direction and stance on issues. Furthermore, I will take information back to the membership in a timely fashion and when possible contribute to the decision-making process before the board votes and finalizes things. Ultimately, I will use my knowledge and special insight in the best interest of occasional teachers and be your go-to guide for any questions/concerns you may come across. With your vote, I will be part of an incredible Executive Team that works hard to keep all of us safe and feel a sense of belonging. I want to thank all DOTL members for taking the time to research the candidates running in our upcoming election. As a dedicated member of our union, I firmly believe that my experience and commitment make me an ideal candidate. Please consider voting for me “Pavthra Vigneswaran” for the Member-at-Large position. Thank you!