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Janet Heath

Janet Heath

Candidate's Bio

Hi.  I am Janet Heath and I am running for all the positions on the DOTL.  I do not want them all at once, but I do want to serve on your executive.  I am qualified for any of the positions because I have 12 years’ experience serving on the DOTL executive.  For most of those years I was your 2nd VP.  More than once I also held the secretary position simultaneously.  I have a deep understanding of what it takes and what is needed to fulfill any of the executive positions.  This is my 16th year as an OT.  I know the struggles we face.  I am a great listener and I love to advocate for your rights.

Candidate's Platform

Vote Janet for President!!  Please and thank you!!


I have 300 to tell you why you should vote for me

I really want to work for you if you will let it be

I have 12 years of experience on this executive

I have tons of knowledge to share and give

I will put your interests and concerns first

Cause sometimes this OT job can be the worst

I have served as your secretary and your 2nd VP

I was a member-at-large, I’ve been involved for all of thee

I care about your rights from within and without

I have and will continue to work hard there is no doubt

I put my name forward for all positions

I feel qualified to fulfill each mandate’s mission

I work in the trenches alongside of you 

I know what makes OTs happy and sadly blue

SFE can be a major pain in the butt

Vote for me, someone stuck in that same rut

Together we can improve our lot

But on the executive, I need a spot