Change in SFE Call Out Time

*UPDATED – July 2, 2023*
Beginning on October 3, 2023, SFE Calls for future assignments and requests will begin at 4:00 PM (previously 5:30 PM).
Beginning today, Monday December 4, 2017, SFE Call Outs for same day assignments begin at 5:30 AM (previously 6:00 AM) and continue through to early afternoon (up to 25% into an assignment in an attempt to fill the job).
Calls for future assignments will begin at 5:30 PM and continue through to 10:00 PM (previously 9:30 PM).
To avoid a 5:30 AM call, please use the “Temporary Do Not Call” feature under the Schedule tab within SFE, to set the alternative time you would like to receive calls. Beginning August 30, 2022, you may also log into SFE to view and accept future assignments by using the “Available Jobs” feature which is turned on from 6:30 PM (previously 8:30 PM) to Midnight.
We are looking into this time change and will keep you updated with our discussions.
Please note that Employee Services at the DDSB has been restructured and is now called Human Resource Services. Within the new structure, SFE is under new management. To view the new departments log into the portal on the DDSB website and click on Human Resource Services. A new link worth checking out is “Getting on Board”. Click on “Occasional Teachers” on the left menu bar where you will find forms and information relative to your employment.
Yours in Federation,
George Taylor, President
ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local