Classroom Management for Occasional Teachers

Your ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers Local (DOTL) is pleased to invite you to participate in this important workshop presented by DOTL member, Connie Zoet:

September 18, 2018: Classroom Management for Occasional Teachers 

While occasional teachers face many obstacles in their daily work, acting out students,from Early Years to intermediate grades, can make challenging days seem even longer and more stressful.  This workshop will look at why students act out and how we can change our own attitude in order to ensure that everyone, teachers and students, have fulfilling, positive and productive days.   We will explore effective strategies based on a calm and respectful approach.  Participants will have opportunities to share experiences and collaboratively find solutions to situations that cause concern.  Everyone will leave with renewed confidence and be ready to implement proven strategies to use in their daily practise or LTO classroom.

DATE:  Tuesday, September 18, 2018