DDSB Inside the Kindergarten Classroom

Your Durham ETFO Occasional Teachers’ Local and the DDSB arpleased to announce the following professional learning opportunity:

Inside the Kindergarten Classroom

Presenters: Valerie Green & Colin O’Connor, Programs K to 6 Facilitators, DDSB Research has informed us that students in FDK are better prepared to enter Grade

1 and to be more successful in school. This session will explore the FDK program and focus in on the importance of inquiry-­‐based learning within the FDK curriculum. Participants will explore FDK instructional strategies to support learning through play and the roles of the teacher and early childhood educator team

Workshop Date:        Tuesday, May 03, 2016    

Time:                       Refreshments 3:30 – 4:25 pm

                                    Workshop 4:30-­‐ 6:30 pm    

Location:                 DDSB (Board Room)           

Phone:                    (Local) 905 404-­‐0411     

Cost:                         All costs covered by your Local and DDSB

Maximum number of participants: unlimited


  • Register at pl@etfodocom DO NOT USE REPLY
  • State: kgtn in the subject
  • Include your telephone number.

Registration closes on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Please check your calendar for prior commitments (appointments; classes; obligations, etc.) BEFORE registering.