DOTL 2016 AGM Election Results

The Elections Committee is pleased to notify the membership of the names of the successful candidates who were voted in to form the next executive.  The new executive assumes office on August 19, 2016.
President:                     George Taylor (acclaimed)
1st Vice President:       Karen Walker
2nd Vice President:     Janet Heath
Secretary:                      Natasha Carter
Treasurer:                     John Fowler
Members at Large:      Johanne Blake; Dale Campsall; Laurie Josevski; Alison Massam;
                                       Sharon Ramberan Singh                    

The Delegates to the ETFO 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM): 

  • George Taylor (The Local’s President always attends)
  • Johanne Blake  
  • Natasha Carter
  • John Fowler
  • Janet Heath
  • Karen Walker
The Alternates to the ETFO 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM):
  • Etelka Haagaard
  • Laurie Josevski
  • Sharon Ramberan Singh
The Elections Committee extends a huge thank you to those members who attended the Annual General Meeting to help direct the Local through determining Constitutional changes, debate the budget for the next year, and, of course, elect the next Executive (2016 – 2018) and the Delegates and Alternates who will represent the Local at the ETFO 2016 AGM. A warm thank you also to the following people who so capably assisted with the election process:
  • Sign in table and door tiling:  Ingrid Thompson; Rose Ann Cowan; Harriet Fredericks 
  • Timer:  Etelka Haagaard
  • Ballot committee and vote counters:  Rayna  Barrese; Lexy Shaw; Josei Cea; Andrew Cherry
  • Returning Officer (recruited at the last minute as plans had changed): Gord McGregor
  • All the scrutineers who observed and ensured the votes were counted correctly.


The Elections Committee
Connie Zoet, Chair;
Andrew Cherry, Member;
Etelka Haagaard, Member