Emotional Intelligence: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

As Occasional teachers, a successful career depends on our interactions.  Our ability to relate to colleagues, students, parents, administrators, and even the public is vital.

This, for many, has been the defining factor in attaining and maintaining a positive teaching career.  Sadly, not everyone takes the time to reflect upon and improve this crucial skill.  Some have not even heard of Emotional Intelligence.  Now it is your chance!.

Emotional Intelligence encompasses the ability to be:  self-aware, exhibit self-control, be aware of others and be influential in the way others control themselves.  This is a game-changer because you will have the ability and skill to influence people and situations.  This workshop is interactive, informative and, actually, a lot of fun!  

DATE:  Thursday, January 23. 2020

TIME:  4:30 – 6:30 pm wth refreshments from 4:00 pm

LOCATION:  Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local Meeting Room, 1077 Boundary Rd. Oshawa, Unit 107.


COSTS:  Paid by your Local