ETFO DOTL Employment Ins. Information 2016

Applying for EI
You should apply for EI once the last day of school is done. It may take a while for the Board to get your Record of Employment (ROE) in since our last pay date is in July, but EI will backdate your claim to your date of application. To apply for EI, click here.
During the application process, indicate that you have not received a Record Of Employment (ROE), and when it asks you for a reference code (case-sensitive), enter one of the following codes depending upon when you’re applying. These codes are to be used for Regular EI filing. If you do not file within the dates indicated, you must file without the code as there will be no other codes created. The code is only for members who are on temporary layoff for the non-teaching periods and who reside in Ontario. Current Code:  3511012016201606 (Effective June 17, 2015 till July 26, 2016)
3511012016201612 (Effective December 16, 2016 till January 15, 2017) 3511012017201703 (Effective March 10 2017 till April 2, 2017)
Getting your Record of Employment:
Your Record of Employment will be automatically filed by the DDSB once the final pay period of June has been processed. The ROE will be sent electronically to EI, so no action is required on your part.   If you already have filed an EI claim based on another job, EI will take the ROE from DDSB, re-evaluate your claim, and adjust accordingly (upwards, as there’ll be more income).   All Records of Employment issued by the  DDSB are submitted electronically – so you will not be receiving a hard copy of your record. It can be viewed in your My Service Canada account.
Frequently Asked Questions  
How many hours do I need? How many weeks will I get?
The number of hours required to qualify for employment insurance varies according to the unemployment rate in a region. Similarly, the number of hours you have accumulated will determine how many weeks of EI you qualify for. Each teaching day is 8 hours. To look these up online, use the EI postal code search tool. As of June 1, 2016, for the economic region of Oshawa, 665 hours (83 days) are required to qualify for EI, which will entitle you to a minimum number of 15 weeks of benefits and a maximum number of 38 weeks. Always use the postal code search tool (above) to get the most up to date numbers.
If this is your first job or if you are re-entering the work force after an absence of two years, you will need to have accumulated at least 910 hours of work (114 days), so you may need to combine another job with teaching to initially qualify for EI; after that, hopefully you’ll be able to teach enough each year to qualify without needing a second job. The maximum number of hours needed on subsequent claims is 700 (87.5 days). For maternity and sickness benefits leave, 600 hours (75 days) are required.  
If you have any further questions about EI contact your local Service Canada office, or call them at 1-800-206-7218. Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) also has some good pamphlets on EI here. For information on pregnancy and parental leaves, you can view an ETFO PRS Webcast here. ETFO’s Guide to EI and Guide to Pregnancy and Parental Leave can both be found in the secure side of our website under the tab “Member Information”. The Service Canada Pamphlet “Employment Insurance and Teachers” can also be found there. Go to
Yours in Federation,
George Taylor, President