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Free – Online PL Opportunities

Spring Sessions

The Ontario Teachers’ Federation cares about supporting your learning and is pleased to continue to offer OTF Connects. The OTF Connects program is online, ongoing support developed by teachers for teachers.

The easy-to-use webinar technology provides you and your colleagues with free, effective PD. Accessible from home or your mobile device, OTF Connects webinars allow you to learn, share and collaborate with other teachers across the province.

Teachers leave each session with useful ideas for their classroom that can be used immediately.

Never taken a webinar? Not sure how to set one up or if you have the equipment necessary? Call the Local – you can arrange to have your first webinar in the meeting room. We would be happy to help. 

Offered Now through Spring  

Feb. 13 Get into Coding Shape in Math Class, Lisa Floyd
Feb. 16 Get Kids Talking using Tech Tools!Anja Kitchen and Carrie Daniels
Feb. 22 Infusing a Spirit of Inquiry in Social Studies, History and Geography,
             Garfield Gini-Newman, TC2
Feb. 23 Gaming to Riches! Making Cents of Number Sense, Brian Aspinall
Feb. 28 Coding the Mathematics Curriculum in Primary, Scott McKenzie
Mar. 1 Making Writing Genuine, Cheryl Emrich and Tracy Sims
Mar. 2 Creating an Effective Critical Math Inquiry, Maria Vamvalis, TC2
Mar. 7 Less Input, More Output: Managing Your Online Class Content in Meaningful Ways,
          Christina Rzazewski
Mar. 8 Creating a Thinking Classroom for Primary Mathematics Part 2,
          Laura Gini-Newman, TC2
Mar. 21 Nurturing Quality Thinking in Mathematics, Maria Vamvalis, TC2
Mar. 22 From Counting to Multiplication: A Developmental Perspective on Primary Number Sense, Matthew Oldridge
Mar. 23 The Kindergarten Addendum Part 2: Documenting Learning, Vera Teschow and
           Laura Christmann

Mar. 28 Exploring Patterning and Movement on a Grid Through Coding, Lisa Floyd
Mar. 29 The Power of Materials in Learning, Tessa Heffernan
Mar. 30 The Progression of Multiplication: From Arrays and Area Models to the Standard Algorithm and Beyond, Kyle Pearce
Apr. 4 Making with Minecraft, Brian Aspinall
Apr. 5 Planning for Small Group Learning in Kindergarten, Cheryl Emrich and 
          Tracy Sims

Apr. 6 The Math Strands Across the Primary Curriculum, Mary-Kay Goindi
Apr. 10 Supporting Mathematics Learning in the Transitions Years,
            Laura Gini-Newman, TC2
Apr. 12 Make your Patterning Unit Come to Life with Coding, Lisa Floyd
Apr. 18 The Progression of Division: From Arrays and Area Models to Long Division and Beyond, Kyle Pearce
Apr. 19 Sparking Rich Dialogue with Digital Provocations in Math, Tina Zita
Apr. 24 Interactive Google Slides and Google Hangouts, Jaclyn Calder
May 2 Teaching by the Seat of your Pants, Joe Grabowski
May 3 Learning through Math Games, Cheryl Emrich and Tracy Sims

Karen Walker
First Vice President
ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local