Important Notice! Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit Available

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) now allows teachers to deduct up to $1000.00 from their income for certain purchases for the classroom. However “certification from your employer (or a delegated official of the employer) attesting to the eligible supplies expense” is required.  Per the CRA “The certification should be a statement signed by the individual’s employer, or delegated official of the employer, that provides and attests (to the best of their knowledge) to the amount paid for eligible teaching supplies purchased in the year.” The DDSB is asking that teachers contact their Principal for certification.  Principals have been made aware of this requirement and a DDSB form is available for completion. 

For more information about this tax deduction, check out this URL at the Canada Revenue Agency website:

Yours in Federation,
George Taylor, President
ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local