Interview Skills Workshop

Date:   Tuesday April 2, 2019
Time:  4:30 pm- 6:30 pm  
Refreshments:  3:45 pm – 4:25 pm
Location: DDSB Board Room 

Our presenter will be: Arlene Walkes, Recruitment Manager, Human Resource Services at the Durham District School Board. 
As an Occasional Teacher, you will find yourself in many interview situations: applying to the LTO List, for LTO positions, for permanent positions. Members may attend 20, 30 or more interviews before landing that permanent job. 
Mrs. Walkes will discuss the interview process and expectations, including:  – What is the DDSB looking for?  – What are the pitfalls?  – The behaviour based interview – References – Regulation 274 – Timing, where, and when Interviews will happen – LTOs and how they work – LTO List numbers – The Debriefing… And more!

Applicants who wish to ask questions should submit their question(s) in writing to no later than Tuesday, March 262019.

Questions must be non identifying – your name must not be included.

Questions may not name students, teachers, administrators, or schools.

Questions may not be personal in nature and should concern the interview process only – not past interview experiences.