Participate in the DOTL SFE Survey

Recently, the members of the Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local SmartFind Express (SFE) Committee met with the DDSB to have an open conversation about the way the SFE system functions and processes assignments. As representatives of the DOTL, we  raised many of the concerns and issues we had with SFE and what we hoped were possible solutions, understanding that it is in the interest of both parties to find ways to help alleviate the stresses and concerns with the SFE system. A summary of the results of our meeting were emailed to all members in goodstanding on our email list. 

As members of the SFE Committee, we were pleased with the positive nature of our meeting with the Board and look forward to future discussions. Please complete a short survey to help us understand what your current concerns and issues are with the SFE system as we prepare for our next meeting.

Thank you,

The SFE Committee

Rebekah Bremner, Chair