Permanent and LTO Job Posting Information

Key points for 2017-18 hiring

 Below is a guideline of when postings will be going out for you to apply.  It is a guideline as Principals may post after some of the dates.  It provides you with an idea when to apply to positions.  Also, when to be available for potential interviews.

June 12-16            Post permanent positions to LTO list and permanent teachers

June 19-23            Interview and hire for permanent positions

June 26-30            Post LTO positions (all FTEs)

July 3-14               Interview and hire for LTO positions

Commencing August 21   Post any remaining positions LTO and any new approved permanent

  •  Elementary LTOs:  Remember per the ETFO collective agreement if you accept a LTO you cannot resign to accept another for a higher FTE.  Please be mindful regarding what positions you apply to.
  • Permanent positions: If you accepted a LTO you can resign to accept a permanent position.
  • Interview requests: Administrators may contact you by phone or email.  The information in your ApplyToEducation profile is what they use for contact.  Please review it so that the most current information is in your profile.  Responses to requests for interviews should be returned in 24-48 hours.
  • Offers:  When extended an offer please provide an answer within 24 hours.  Principals can not hold a position as you wait for other offers.  Ensure that you are only applying to positions that you are truly interested in accepting.