PL Funding Announcement

The Professional Learning Committee is pleased to announce that the Local has increased our available funding for professional learning. Currently, we provide a subsidy of $250 for AQ / ABQ courses taken at an accredited college / university or ETFO.  Members can access funds by applying for such, once a year.  Applications, along with course receipt and updated OCT card showing the course need to be submitted within two months of the end of the course.
With the increased funds and the request to broaden the scope of what the PL Fund will support, we are pleased to announce that funding is available for workshops and courses that fall outside the AQ /ABQ definition but are still considered professional learning as they apply to members’ professional growth and education.
The Professional Learning Committee is looking at the application process and what can be covered by the subsidy, to take effect starting July 1, 2017.  In the interim we are providing the subsidy for workshops and conferences on the following basis:

  • A subsidy of up to 50% to a maximum of $250 of the costs.
  • Costs to be covered are:  workshop / conference fees and hotel costs.
  • Applications to be submitted after the event.
  • Supporting documents:  Workshop / course confirmation; an “official” description of the event; receipt for the workshop / conference and receipt for hotel.

Please be aware that this is an interim list of requirements; the Professional Learning Committee is working on a more detailed criteria.  We aim to have this ready for mail out to members prior to the end of May, and in effect July 1, 2017.

Book Funding: The Local currently makes available a subsidy of $35 annually for professional books.  This funding excludes texts and / or materials purchased for AQ/ABQ courses. The application asks for information about the book and a short review of the book which will be placed on the website for members to view.  At this time, the subsidy is above and beyond the funding for courses, conferences and workshops. We look forward to processing your applications. 
Forms can be found in the secure side of the website but, if you cannot locate them, send an email to: and request a form – we will be happy to send out whatever forms you need.
 Sincerely, Your Professional Learning Committee