PL Meeting April 11, 2016

ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local
Information and Announcements

Recently, the Professional Learning Committee met to review how the PL Committee is working, review upcoming workshops and draft a budget for the 2016 – 2017 school year.

The PL Committee would like to extend an invitation to all members to participate in a meeting on Monday, April 11/’16 to review the tentative budget, have input into workshops, and offer ideas and suggestions for professional learning. Members who would like to attend please send your name and telephone number to the PL email address: and use the word “meeting” in the subject line. By registering it allows us to have ample materials and refreshments on hand. Please register no later than April 8/’16

Should you be unable to attend but have some ideas, suggestions and/or questions please send those to the attention of Connie Zoet at the same email address. We will discuss those at the meeting as time permits.

The lending library: Our library is ready to lend out materials and resources. At this time members will need to come to the Local’s office to make selections and sign out materials. In the next school year the list of materials will be online and arrangements can be made to send them to a school convenient to you. Suggestions – and recently published donations – for the library are most welcome.

We thank you for your support and look forward to meeting with you to discuss the professional learning opportunities we provide for members.


Your Professional Learning Committee

(Connie Zoet; Etelka Haagaard; Farah Sherazi; Ferial Visram; Sharon Ramberan Singh)