Education Act Reg. 274

Regulation 274 came into effect during the 2012-2013 school year. It was part of the settlement that the Ontario Government made with the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association to implement fair, transparent, and consistent hiring processes for hiring teachers. The terms and conditions of the Regulation were later extended to the other Boards in the publicly funded education system. Regulation 274 creates a List (the LTO List) from which Long Term Occasional (LTO) and Permanent vacancies must be hired, outlines minimum job posting times, and provides opportunities for debriefing for unsuccessful job candidates. Previous to this Regulation, the Board could hire as they pleased for these jobs, and every year many of our experienced members were passed over while new graduates were placed in LTO and Permanent positions. Read the following links: ETFO Understanding Reg. 274 and Ontario Regulation 274 – Final Report for more information.