Mission Statement

  1. To represent our members and advocate and/or mediate as necessary between the DDSB (the employer) and members in good standing of the ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local (the employees).
  2. To secure and maintain through collective bargaining the best possible terms and conditions of employment.
  3. To support and encourage our members to obtain the skills necessary to be hired by the DDSB in permanent positions through sponsorship of professional learning opportunities, and working in cooperation with the DDSB to ensure job requirements are communicated and training is made available.
  4. To cooperate and foster good relations with other Locals in Durham Region having the same or like objectives (e.g., ETFO Durham Teacher Local, ETFO DECE Local, OSSTF, CUPE, etc.)
  5. To foster a climate of social justice in Durham Region and continue a leadership role in such areas as anti-poverty, non-violence, and equity.