Occasional Teacher LTO List

Although there are two (2) separate rosters (elementary and secondary), there is only one (1) LTO List made up of OTs from both rosters. When an OT is added to the LTO List, his or her name remains on the roster. To date, Regulation 274 does not specify the frequency upon which interviews must take place for OTs to be added to the LTO List. The DDSB has screened and added applicants each year since the Regulation took effect (2013, 2014, and 2015). In order to be eligible to apply to the LTO List, an OT must:

  • respond to the DDSB’s call for applications by the due date;
  • have been on the roster for at least ten months; and
  • have taught as an occasional teacher with the DDSB for at least 20 days during a ten-month period. (Note: The ten-month period must have taken place sometime during the five years preceding the occasional teacher’s application to the LTO list.)

The LTO list includes successful applicants listed by seniority according to his/her date of hire. Like the Occasional Teacher Rosters, the DDSB posts the LTO List on their website in the employee portalandupdates the Liston a regular basis.

Once an OT has completed a minimum of one LTO assignment of at least four (4) months in length and received a satisfactory performance evaluation, he or she will be considered as “approved” eligible for permanent hire. This notation will be entered beside his or her name on the posted LTO List.

The following Flow Chart shows the DDSB process for filling Long-Term Occasional vacancies (full or partial year):