Permanent Positions

The approximate timeline for filling permanent vacancies is as follows:

January:Assessment of the need to fill vacant permanent positions begins in January each school year when principals contact teachers on leave or secondment to confirm their intent to return to work.

February:The deadline for teachers to apply for a leave of absence is February 28th.

 March:During March, meetings are held to determine staff projections and potential school surplus teachers and vacancies. Administrative transfers are also decided upon by the end of March prior to notifications being mailed the first week in April.

 April:Administrative transfer placements are determined first. The posting of Round One vacancies are circulated the second week of April. Permanent teachers may apply for a maximum of three (3) positions however increasing one’s FTE is not allowed. Any vacancies as a result of Round One surplus/transfer teacher placements are compiled, verified and the posting of Round Two vacancies are circulated the last week in April. Again, permanent teachers are the only ones who may apply for a maximum of three (3) positions (without increasing FTE).

 May:Any vacancies as a result of Round Two surplus/transfer teacher placements are filled first by remaining surplus staff the first week of May. Round Three vacancies are posted the second week of May and are open to part-time permanent teachers who wish to increase their FTE. Like Round One and Two, permanent teachers may apply to a maximum of three (3) positions.

 June: Vacancies resulting after Round Three surplus/transfer placements will be posted on Apply to Teach and opened to applicants on the LTO List who are eligible “approved” to apply for permanent positions by approximately mid-June.

The following Flow Chart shows the DDSB process for filling Permanent Vacancies. This process happens after the transfer rounds as explained above.