Reminder: Call to Join DOTL Standing Committees

I hope everyone had a great summer and enjoyed their well-deserved rest.
Your Executive begins their 2016-2018 term of office this month. We will also be forming the Committees that help run your Local. We are looking for members to put their names forward to serve on these Committees.
Committees drive many of the programmes that help make the ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local the strong and forward thinking organization that we are. Being a member of a Committee is an important way in becoming involved with your Local and seeing up close how the Local operates. Please take some time and consider getting involved.
There are four Committees that we are forming for the 2016-2018 term. They are:
Professional Learning Committee: This is the Committee that plans, organizes and runs all of our workshops. It would involve several meetings throughout the year, ongoing registering and organizing events, as well as being involved with several of the workshops.
Political Action Committee: This Committee is involved in all political issues that are ongoing in our community. There is some involvement with the Durham Labour Council. Political issues that are important to our occupations (such as universal daycare and provincial education issues) need to be constantly monitored. This Committee would involve several meetings throughout the year and some attendance at political events.
Social Committee: Plans and arranges social events as decided by the Committee. This involves several meetings throughout the year.
Equity and Status of Women Committee: This Committee works to ensure that all members are treated fairly within the ETFO organization. It also does some outreach in the area of social justice within our community
You are able to be a member of a maximum of two committees, but may apply for more. If you do apply for more than two committees, please indicate your preferences. Please think seriously about getting involved. Send your interest to join a committee to 
Applications must be received no later than Friday September 16th, 2016.
Yours in Federation,
George Taylor,