DOTL Tentative Agreement Reached!!

Tentative Agreement

It is my pleasure to announce that a tentative agreement was reached last night at 1:45 am between the ETFO Durham Occasional Teachers’ Local and the Durham District School Board. A special meeting is being arranged for members in good standing to review the tentative agreement prior to a Ratification Vote. A further email will be sent once the meeting date has been scheduled.


Some of the highlights of the tentative agreement include:

  • elimination of the “Extended” assignment designation – all assignments 12 consecutive days or longer will be classified as LTOs
  • addition of a sunset clause
  • removal of article 13.07 (3 refused assignments or 5 missed calls causing removal from the Roster) replaced with a requirement that members work a minimum of 20 days in a school year beginning 2016-2017
  • opportunity for members in LTOs to be paid if suspended while under investigation
  • pay dates moved up by 8 days following the end of a pay period (already implemented)
  • consent to request a leave of absence without pay for up to one (1) school year
  • continuation of our PL partnership with the Board
  • continued collaboration through the SFE Committee to pursue improvements in the automated dispatch system
  • several other improvements

Please make time in your busy schedule to attend the meeting where details of all changes which appear in our tentative agreement will be explained. Questions are welcome. The Ratification Vote to accept or decline the tentative agreement will immediately follow the meeting.


I would like to thank the following members of our Collective Bargaining Committee: Johanne Blake, Louisa Corby, Marie Levac, Monique Micallef, Karen Walker and Ann Webb. Thanks to their hard work and perseverance we have reached a deal with the Board that will result in some significant improvements to our Collective Agreement.


I want to thank everyone for your continued support in helping us achieve this agreement.

Yours in Federation, George